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Build Dynamic Sales Teams 

We help businesses achieve revenue targets through consultations, recruiting, workshops and mastermind cohorts.

Hire and Align Your Teams

Enjoy Hitting Revenue Targets

Achieve Your Sales Goals

Most Clients are amazed at how quickly we can identify and implement needed solutions.

You will gain the needed insight from an outside perspective that will analyze your sales team and to assess your organizational alignment to achieve the growth you have worked so hard for.

Office Meeting

Remove Friction Setting Revenue and Sales Targets

The culture of an organization cannot simply be words on motivational poster. Sales Goals, and the Revenue Targets need to be aligned with the culture that is desired. 

Build a High-Functioning and Collaborative Revenue Team

When marketing, sales, customer support and product development are all working together to achieve the companies mission, they cannot be stopped - getting them there is where the work comes into play

Hire and Retain the Best Sales Leadership and Talent

Create strong, motivated sales teams that do more than just meet targets; they form real connections, fuel business growth, and make a difference in your industry.

We Serve Leaders Who are Ready to Create Dynamic Sales Teams and Lasting Organizational Change.

Business Owners / CEO's

New Division / Products

Acquisitions or Mergers

Expanding Teams

  • Ambitious business leaders who are ready to take their businesses to new levels.

  • Leaders who sees the value in investing in their sales teams.

  • Those who are not afraid to innovate.

  • Leaders ready to adapt to changing market conditions

  • Leaders who know that good sales performance is key to business success and who are determined to build a company that puts customers first.

Office Coffee Break
Team of Industrial Engineers

How to Get Started in Three Simple Steps


No charge No Hassle conversation.

What are your revenue needs? 

What frustrates you? 

What would life be like if we could make those changes?

We will be open and transparent with each other and determine if a Sales Audit is appropriate for you. 



We will Audit your current Sales "P's" - People, Process, Performance and Profit to build a roadmap for you to understand the expectations and timelines to achieve your desired results.

Our roadmap will explicitly display what is expected from your team and ours to achieve your growth targets.




With Clear Expectations, Mentoring and Coaching for Cultural alignment and recruiting the right fit, you will begin experiencing the success and joy in the workplace you deserve.

Find Needed Peer Groups with Mastermind Cohorts 

Unlock the collective wisdom of like-minded professionals in my Mastermind Cohort. Meet for an hour twice a month to work together following my lead and in a second presentation that is guest led to gain valuable insights for developing our professional skills and traits.

This selective group serves as a think-tank for leaders aiming to drive change and spur growth within their organizations. Together, we'll overcome challenges, shatter limitations, and strive towards increasing profitability. Your success story starts here.

Let's write it together.

UX Design Team
Brainstorm Team Meeting

Hone Your Skills in our Workshops

My monthly workshops are designed to challenge, inspire, and equip you to transform your business.

Focused on everything from strategic alignment between leadership and organizational goals to overcoming hurdles in cultural change, these workshops will inject fresh perspectives and actionable insights into your growth journey.

No fluff, just battle-tested strategies from a seasoned pro.

Attend an Interview Expo

Tired of the application Grind?
Experience our unique value proposition for your participation in our Interview Expo, where each candidate attending has completed a 60-90 minute skills assessment as part of our rigorous pre-screening process. 

This ensures that we have the Best:

High-Quality Talent Pool: Our thorough assessment process filters in only candidates who have proven their skills, ensuring you meet top-tier talent.

Efficiency in Hiring: Save significant time and resources in the recruitment process, as we have pre-vetted candidates through comprehensive assessments.

Data-Driven Matching: Leverage our data-backed insights to align candidates’ skills with your specific needs, ensuring a precise fit for your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our unbiased assessment approach promotes a diverse range of candidates, enriching your team with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

This is an invitation only event, where you have the opportunity to find just the right candidate in a sliver of typical time and at a fraction of the cost. 

Job interview
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